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Pregnancy is a special time for you and your family, but there are times when the pregnancy doesn’t go quite as planned, and dental issues can be the cause. If you don’t take proper care of your smile each day while you are pregnant, many dental issues can develop and can cause you extreme pain and discomfort. Some common dental issues include:

Pregnancy Gingivitis
As you may already know, the hormonal changes you experience in pregnancy can make things a little crazy, and they can also alter your oral health. The hormones have a tendency of causing pregnancy gingivitis, which is a condition that inflames your gums and makes them sore. It can also cause your gums to bleed each time you brush and floss your teeth. If this disease is left untreated, it could advance to more dangerous forms of gum disease and your smile could be destroyed.

Tooth Decay
Pregnant women are more prone to tooth decay because of a variety of different reasons. First, if you are consuming more carbohydrates than normal, this can cause decay. Second, if you are frequently vomiting because of morning sickness, your chompers are subjected to stomach acid on a regular basis. If the teeth are not taken care of, the acid can erode your smile and create tooth decay.

Pregnancy Tumors
Pregnancy tumors are overgrowths of tissue that appear on your gums. They generally come to the surface during the second trimester. These tumors are not cancerous. They do swell and bleed and they also have a red, raspberry-like appearance. The tumors are the result from excess plaque and they usually disappear after the baby is born.

So, please do your best to prevent these problems as much as possible. If it’s too late and they have already taken over your oral health, please call Jackson Dental today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Thomas Jackson as soon as possible. All you need to do is call 810-667-3535 and we will be happy to help you in any way we can!