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Did you know that gingivitis and periodontitis are both different stages of gum disease, also known as the periodontal disease? Well, it’s true! These stages are very dangerous and they need to be prevented at all costs. To help you know more about the disease, our Jackson Dental team has provided the following information:

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease and it begins when the plaque on your smile does not get removed. It continues to grow on the surfaces of your teeth and it begins to irritate your gums. Your gums will turn red, swollen, and tender and they might bleed on occasion, especially when you brush your teeth or eat. If the plaque is allowed to grow, it can advance into periodontitis.

Periodontitis develops when the gums and bone begin to pull away from the teeth. This then forms pockets that begin to collect debris and bacteria. The pockets become infected and the plaque begins to grow below the gum line. The toxins created in plaque then begin to deteriorate the underlying bone, making your teeth loose and eventually making them fall out of your mouth.

Now that you know all about gum disease, you know what to expect if the disease ever takes over your smile. However, Dr. Thomas Jackson and our team strongly recommend avoiding this dental issue as much as possible, and you can do so by keeping up with your daily oral hygiene routine and by attending your dental checkups. If you need to schedule your next checkup, call 810-667-3535 today and schedule an appointment!