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A smiling face can always make you stand out from the crowd, so consider a smile makeover from Jackson Dental and ditch that frown for good.  Smiling doesn’t only make you look beautiful on the outside, but it also makes you feel happier on the inside.  Even more importantly, a brilliant smile that shows off your good hygiene means you are healthier through and through.


If your smile is hesitant or you aren’t proud to show off your pearly whites, Jackson Dental of Lapeer is the place for you.  Whatever your concern is, whether damaged, discolored or missing teeth, let the dentists at Jackson Dental show you the possibilities for your smile makeover.  Don’t stay frustrated with your less than ideal smile, instead, set up an appointment with a Lapeer dentist at Jackson Dental.


A Smile Makeover transforms the way you look and feel. It will beautify your smile, heighten your self-esteem and help you improve your dental health.  We perform a preliminary exam to determine the extent and cause of your problems.  A dentist will evaluate your unique preferences and concerns to determine how Jackson Dental can best serve you. You will be encouraged to share your expectations, that way the dentist will be able to devise a comprehensive plan that targets your dental goals in the most efficient and effective way.


If you have a busy schedule, Jackson Dental will work with you to fit in your schedule, whether you need an early morning or evening appointment.
Jackson Dental of Lapeer is devoted to serving you and meeting all of your dental needs in order to provide you a smile makeover and ensure that the process is as smooth and ultimately satisfying as possible.  Set up an appointment today for brighter smiles tomorrow!