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Dentures are a well-known solution for people who have lost their teeth and provide the set of artificial teeth you need to continue living the life you’re used to.  By replacing the fallen teeth, dentures help patients eat, drink, talk and smile almost as if they never lost their teeth. Jackson Dental of Lapeer provides a wide variety of dental services, including fitting and affixing dentures so natural that only you will know!


It is important to remember that although dentures do look like natural teeth, patients may still feel a difference as they chew or speak. Regardless of this possibility, a patient with tooth loss should consider opting for dentures in order to protect his or her mouth from further ailments, including bone damage or disease.


Dentures are available in complete and partial sets, each with unique benefits.  Here are a few key pieces of information about the dentures that Jackson Dental offers:


Complete dentures:


Simply put, complete dentures are used when a patient either loses all his teeth or has remaining teeth that are likely to fall out soon. Complete dentures can be fitted in one visit, but it could possibly require several trips to our Lapeer dental offices. 


Another option for individuals who have not lost all of their teeth can opt to remove all of their teeth in order to get permanent dentures.  The remaining teeth are removed and temporary dentures can be fitted on the gums. Once the gums have healed, the dentist will replace the temporary dentures with a set of permanent dentures.  In some cases, temporary dentures might be the final solution, but that depends upon what the dentist and patient agree upon.


Partial dentures types:


Partial dentures are used when a patient has lost a few teeth. To prevent the remaining teeth from making adjustments in their places, partial dentures may be the best solution.


There are three types of partial dentures:


–       Hidden dentures: Hidden partial dentures are fixed using attachments or clasps which are not visible to other people.

–       Standard dentures: Standard partial dentures fixed by the dentist and are attached to the remaining teeth for support.

–       Flexite dentures: Flexite partial dentures are acrylic clasps, either white or pink in color, which are also invisible to others.


A patient may need to schedule multiple visits to our Lapeer dentist office to ensure dentures are fitted correctly depending on the patient’s dental condition.


Our team of dental healthcare professionals at Jackson Dental in Lapeer will provide you with excellent care and reliable advice on pursuing dentures or other cosmetic dentistry treatments.  If you would like additional information, please don’t hesitate to email or call us.