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A person needs to approach a periodontist if he or she has any gums related problems such as inflammation of gums or bleeding from gums. These two symptoms indicate that one or more of the teeth may already be infected. If left untreated, the bacteria causing such infection may spread to other teeth in the mouth. This means the tooth may decay and other teeth may be infected. At times, even the jaw may decay. Any such diseases result in bad breath, and the patient may have to loose teeth.


Gum diseases at times are the result of stress, crowded teeth, nutritional deficiency, grinding of teeth, gritting of teeth, and genetic problems. Follow regular flossing and brushing to prevent dental diseases. Tooth decay and subsequent loss of teeth is no longer a thing to despair. There are ample dental implants when they’ve lost their teeth. But dentures tend to come out at the wrong time and are uncomfortable to wear. Periodontists now use titanium implants. These fuse well with remaining teeth and are therefore not likely to cause embarrassing situations that traditional dentures are famous for. Periodontists can also perform dental surgeries that are cosmetic in nature.


Recent research papers have linked gum diseases to more grave health problems like heart diseases. The problem with gum diseases is that there is no permanent solution. Therefore, the patient has to visit the periodontist on regular basis.
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