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The moment you are told that your child needs an orthodontic treatment the first thing that comes to your mind is whether you can afford the treatment or not. The cost of the orthodontic treatment in America can range from $4000 to $8000 or maybe higher.


In case you don’t have an insurance cover then, in that case, some dentists want their patients to have a good oral health. This will surely reduce the impact on your pocket.


The best way to start a negotiation is to ask for a written breakup of the cost of services and the products used for the treatment. Ask the orthodontist if any hardship discounts are offered by them. In case such discounts are available, you may be expected to submit certain documents.


In case you do not qualify for such a discount, then you can still ask for a discount if you can pay for the entire treatment in advance. It doesn’t matter whether the payment is made in cash or through a credit card. But remember that in case you are using a credit card, the interest charged should not be more than the discount that is being offered to you.
Last but not the least; make an appointment with other orthodontists of your area for comparison before making a final decision. Try calling Jackson Dental at 810 667-3535 for more info.