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Periodontitis is the inflammation of gums and teeth. The disease is due to improper brushing. The disease will form some pack-like substances in the lower portion of the teeth. The food substances may be deposited and it may not be properly removed by brushing. Fluoride toothpaste and effective floss will help to prevent this worse condition. The supporting teeth also destroyed in this case. If the treatment is not provided, teeth can be lost. Jackson Dental helps to improve the appearance of the face. It helps to position the improperly positioned teeth and jaws. If the teeth are positioned improperly, it will produce stress on the muscles surrounding the mouth, jaws. Further, it will create problems like shoulder pain, headache, neck pain etc. Some of the nervous problems start with the symptoms of nervous problems.
They diagnose dental problems through general oral check up, x-rays and photographs. Thus they determine the positioning of the teeth appropriately. They have discussions with patients and decide the way of treatment they do. The appliances used for the treatment may be fixed or removable. It should be decided after the discussion.