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Teeth whitening is no longer impossible as seen through numerous products in the market and dentists using and prescribing some products too. When you go to a grocery, one cannot help but notice the numerous items ranging from mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and strips that could make one’s teeth white without the going to the dentist.
How does one distinguish which one is effective and safe? No one can really tell the true nature of the ingredients. Common ingredients may include household items such as Baking soda or to the more synthetic silica, calcium carbonate or sodium chloride. Continuous use of these is required to generate results thus some people are turning to natural solutions.
Some recommend mixing three parts baking soda to one part salt and applying it to the teeth; others recommend using sage or crushed strawberries as a thin film on the teeth. Some use Crushed bay leaves mixed with orange peels which will then be rubbed on the teeth. Others opt to go to a dentist for a regular cleaning and for laser usage to their teeth. Lastly, other people prefer to use Invisalign. Invisalign is a customized transparent cover/brace for your teeth which is comfortable, effective, easy to use, and easy to remove and place. This brace does not directly whiten teeth but since it serves as a cover for the teeth, it can prevent food stains from reaching and accumulating in the teeth.