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Dentists play a vital role

Dentist plays a vital role in our life. They are a very silent tonic to our health and wealth. A person who takes care of our oral health is called a dental specialist. The oral care involves teeth and gums but also saliva, tongue, throat, hard palate and soft palate. An orthodontist is a special dentist who works to correct the misaligned teeth and jaws. Even the cleft lips and jaws can be corrected. This orthodontist is the cosmetic specialist for oral health reasons. Nowadays technology has improved much. Many technology instruments have been introduced for diagnosis of the dental part. It helps in treatment and prevention of diseases. The diagnosis can be done by general check up and also by using x-rays. The general check up can be done with the help of visual screening of all dental diseases. An orthodontist is a special type of dentist. A good smile creates a good environment. Straight teeth and neatly aligned jaws are responsible for nice smiles. This good alignment is easy to chew food. The orthodontist can align overcrowded or crooked teeth easily. The treatment is carried out with the help of braces or retainers. The braces consist of metallic wire where braces are inserted and fitted into the crooked or overcrowded teeth.