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Dentistry is a branch of science where it deals with the complete oral cavity. This includes teeth, jaws, salivary glands, tongue, and throat, upper and lower palate. The person who studied and practices dentistry are called dentists. There are persons who will treat the misaligned teeth, gaps between the teeth, irregularly shaped teeth, coloring of teeth, and broken teeth are called orthodontists. The person who studied orthodontics is called orthodontists. For orthodontists’ profession, the dentists have to study additional two to four years.

They align the teeth by using metallic braces. But the patients feel difficult to use metallic braces because of social esteem. They were called by names of metallic mouth or rail road if they use braces. So they decide to prefer Invisalign is invisible metallic string fixed to the mouth and it is easier for fixing and removing. The results of both the treatments are same and people prefer the convenient one. Bad breath, teeth whitening, gingivitis, applying of veneers to get shine and gap filling are some of the treatments carried out by the orthodontists. Even the cleft jaws and bones are treated by orthodontists. Dental implantations are also carried out by them.