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Today people are aware of the importance of dental health is becoming popular all over the world. However, people have their own doubts about when to take their children to the dentist. If your children are too small you need not take them to the dentist.

Canadian Pediatric Society is working hard to provide good dental health and come out with various effective techniques to improve children’s dental health. Their research results can help the children to undergo painless dental treatment at reasonable costs.

If your child sleeps with a bottle in the mouth, it may lead to dental problems. The bottle may contain milk or fruit juices that react with the bacteria in the mouth and damage the enamel. Therefore you should see that your child does not sleep with a bottle in the mouth to avoid such dental problems.

There are different opinions on fluoridation of water. Some people say that it has reduced cavities in children. On the other hand, some people say that it is not safe to use this water. It still remains controversial. Even though many dentists consider that it is safe, some scientists are sure that fluoride is not safe. According to them, using fluoride water would increase the risk of cancer. Top dentists recommend using fluoride water to reduce dental problems.