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Foods your orthodontist hates include many of the common foods as per your opinion. But what is the main problem with these foods? They affect many people across the world, and include diseases and negatives such as gingivitis, tooth loss, unattractive smiles, wisdom teeth, toothaches, and a variety of different foods can cause pain or can affect your attraction to the opposite sex.

One such food that causes problems is sugary foods. These form plaque on your teeth which may cause problems as they eat away the enamel protecting your teeth. orthodontists don’t like this because it often gets beneath your braces and sits there to damage your teeth.

Popcorn kernels also have this effect, as do nuts and other hard candy. These can even cause mouth damages and affect your teeth negatively. This is one of the reasons your orthodontist’s hard work in repairing your teeth and undermine their job performance.

Although these foods can do damage, your orthodontist doesn’t decide your diet, you do. But pay attention to the recommendations they make, as they can do significant damage to your teeth.